Maître Drix

Le domaine de la virilité supérieure

Welcome to Master Drix

Here you are on the website dedicated to Master Drix for his slaves around the world. You have crossed the path of this ephebe, here or elsewhere, you will not let go.

As a visitor, you have access to your Master's shop and blog.

If you give him an offering of at least € 5 in his piggy bank, to show him your admiration and finance this website, you will become a lifetime privileged member of his fan club. Once your offering is done, please contact us to get the password that will give you access to a photo gallery and a message forum.

You will later have the opportunity to submit to your Master, to have access to his private showroom with photos and videos, by a tax payable on PayPal.


Fags submit and Master benefits.


For fans:

  • access to a photo gallery
  • access to a message forum
  • access to a chatroom

For the submissive (in addition):

  • access to the showroom
  • access to a secret shop
  • access to auctions
  • access to a playroom