Maître Drix

Le domaine de la virilité supérieure

Submit to Master Drix

You are addicted and want to see more? Nothing more normal! Master Drix has created an OnlyFans page, still in the process of approval and development:


In the (unbearable) meantime, a showroom is at your disposal, with HD photos of your God and exclusive videos, regularly powered.

To access it, you must first submit to your Master by paying him an initial fee of € 50, which will give you, for a whole month, the following privileges:

  • total access to the showroom
  • access to a secret shop
  • access to the auctions announced in the blog
  • access to a playroom.

You can then extend this submission with instalments of only € 10 per month.

Use the PayPal button on this page to pay your Master directly. You will then be redirected to a registration form and you will receive, after checking and as soon as possible, an email to confirm that your submission account has been activated.

Indulge yourself without delay!


Fags submit and Master benefits.


Submission fee (€ 50)